Conservative Australian Anabaptist Mennonites
A Brief Testimony in Song Do You Know My Jesus? My Jesus is Alive! He Paid A Debt About our Website! This site is dedicated to the Anabaptist martyrs who were willing to contend for the Faith which was once delivered unto the saints Jude 1:3 For this Faith many gave their life even unto death at the stake, fire, sword or drowning The scriptural directives they lived and left for us today have their basis in Scripture since The foundation of the Christian Church at Antioch This is the true Faith and Vision of the Anabaptists. May the Lord bless your journey of discipleship to His Son Joseph & Carolynn van Loon Australia Check on our "Welcome" page for the regular updates. “When Christ is preached, every doctrine must be in the light of its relationship to Him. A Christian does not obey God in order to please Him. Instead a Christian obeys God because he has been saved, because his nature is changed, because he is studying to know God’s will, and because he is yielded to the Holy Spirit. Believers who are being transformed into Christ’s likeness by learning sound doctrine want to give as Christ gave. With a burden for lost souls, they respond by giving from a sincere desire and from their best ability. They give their lives, their time, and their money.” Above quote by permission from: “Tithing - Should the Church Teach Tithing?” At: .