Conservative Australian Anabaptist Mennonites
General Sermons - A to C
.                                                              General Sermons - Page 1                                                                     A to C  Sermons have been placed where possible in categories that mostly describe the message theme although there may be some overlap of subjects in individual messages. Audio quality of these MP3's may vary due to recording qualities in individual churches  and are beyond the control of the website operator.   The contents of the sermons are the responsibility of individual speakers and may not necessarily reflect all the views or beliefs held by us.                                             General Category Messages Currently Available On-Line  
A. A City Not Forsaken A Complete Man #1of4 - The King A Complete Man #2of4 - Face of A Warrior A Complete Man #3of4 - As a Lover A Complete Man #4of4 - As A Friend A Glimpse of Our Heavenly Country A Lukewarm Experience A Man That Hath Friends A Man to Stand in the Gap A Merry Heart Doeth Good A More Excellent Way A Proper View of Providence A Spiritual Check-Up A Visit to Death Valley Acquaint Now Thyself With Him Adversity-Blessing or Curse? Affluence: Evaluating the Effects of Affluence Aging: Contribution of the Elderly Faithfulness in Old Age All I Need Ambassadors For Christ Anabaptism: Anabaptism - More Than Protestantism Anabaptism - Key Anabaptist Positions Anabaptist Commitment to Die Anabaptist Distinctives #1 Anabaptist Distinctives #2 Anabaptist Missionary Zeal A Godly Heritage Anabaptist Resistance to Protestant Innovations Anabaptist View of Discipleship Appreciating the Anabaptist Vision Evaluating the Shifting Views of Anabaptism Anger: Not Easily Provoked Anointing: Ordinance of Anointing Meditation And of Some Have Compassion Anti-Christ - A Scriptural View Anticipation of Heaven Apostasy: Danger of Following Afar Of Dangers of Spiritual Apathy Danger Signs of Backsliding Detecting and Avoiding Apostasy Drift - Rowing or Drifting? Hot or Cold Peril of Apostasy - Wadel Perils of Apostasy - Weaver Reasoning Which Leads to Apostasy Spirit of Apathy - Eschbach Why Churches Drift Approving Things That Are Excellent Art of Borrowing Armed Mind Ascension: Ascension and Exaltation of Jesus Christ Three Acts of Jesus & Three Responses Assurance: Series of 6 messages #1 - Fact of Assurance of Salvation #2 - Foundation of Assurance of Salvation #3 - Finding Assurance of Salvation #4 - Foes of Assurance of Salvation #5 - Tests of Assurance of Salvation #6 - Blessings of Assurance of Salvation Assurance Versus Delusion Conditions For Maintaining Assurance Atonement: Misconceptions Concerning the Atonement Avoiding Slippery Places Avoiding the Tumbleweed Syndrome B. Baptism: Doctrine and Practise of Water Baptism Baptism - God’s Covenant-Man’s Covenant Baptism - The Doctrine Battlefield For the Mind Bearing Your Brother’s Cross Behold Your God - Isaiah 40:9 Benefiting From Thorns in the Flesh Bible: Absolute Authority of God’s Word Authority and Inspiration of the Scripture Biblical Headship Order Gospel Synergism Proof That the Bible is True Royal Law of Scripture Bible Study: Importance of Bible Reading Importance of Personal Bible Study Meaningful Personal Bible Reading and Prayer Methods of Personal Bible Study Understanding Principle of First Reference What Does the Bible Say About Questions? Bitterness Poison of Bitterness Blessings: Blessed Are the Peacemakers Blessed Are They Blessings of Material Possessions Bless the Lord O My Soul Preparation For Blessings Blind Man Healed Breadth, Length, Depth and Height Break Up Your Fallow Ground Bridge Burning in the Christian Life Broken Pitchers Burning Lamps Finding Rest With God’s Plan Brotherhood: Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Assimilating Members from Diverse Backgrounds Blending Personalities in Brotherhood Brotherly Address: Correct Use Matthew 18 Brotherly Love Building Harmonious Interpersonal Relationships Come Thou With Us Endeavouring to Keep Unity in Bond of Peace Expression of Biblical Love - Unity Fellowship in the Gospel Scriptural Concept of Fellowship That Which Every Joint Supplieth C. Calvinism - Five Point Error T.U.L.I.P. Unconditional Eternal Security&Related Errors Carnality: Camouflaged Christians Can A Fire Be Lit? Overcoming Carnality Pleasure Seeking v Christian Recreation Relating to Our Carnal Nature & Maturity Change A Biblical View of Change
Character Study: Elijah 9 message series. #1 Elijah Standing Before God and Ahab #2 Elijah at Brook Cherith #3 Elijah Serving at Home in Zerephath #4 Elijah Contesting on Mount Carmel #5 Elijah Facing Discouragement #6 Elijah Finding Ahab #7 Elijah’s Message to Ahaziah #8 Elijah Entering Eternity #9 Elijah’s Enduring Influence 3 Short Messages For Children Bearing One Another’s Burdens Chains Your Niche Choices Choosing Our Battlelines Wisely Christ Doctrine of the Blood of Christ Christ Keeping Christ Pre-eminent Christ Pre-eminent in The Church Christ Seven Witnesses of Christ Christ The Glory of Christ-- Devotional Christian Courtesy in a Disrespectful Age Christian Dealing With Fear Christian Discrimination Christian Hospitality Christian Perfection - Paradox of Scripture Christian’s Emotional Health Christians Response to the Watchman Christians Responsibility of the Christian Life Christian Sobriety Christians - Suffering,Flesh,Defence,Judgement Christianity That Disturbs the World Christianity v Nominal Christianity Christian Warfare Christmas: A Light to Lighten the Gentiles Advent of Christ And the Desire of All Nations Shall Come Good Tidings of Great Joy How Can We Best Glorify God at Christmas? New Born King Observing Christmas in a Biblical Way. O Word of God Incarnate The Mystery of Christmas Unto Us a Child is Born We Have Seen His Star Which Christmas? Church: Beauty of Zion Christ’s Body - Many Members Christ’s Mission on Earth Commitment - A Voluntary Choice Going To Church I Will Build My Church Scriptural Basis For a Spiritual Church The Church, An Ark of Safety The Faithful Church The House of God Churches of Revelation. Church at Ephesus Church at Laodicea Church at Pergamos Church at Philadelphia Church at Sardis Church at Smyrna Church at Thyatira A 7 part study of Colossians #1. Introduction to Colossians #2. Lessons We Can Learn #3.The Glorious Theme of Redemption #4. Warning Against Deception #5. Redemption in Christ Jesus #6. Perfecting Home Relationships #7. Master/Servant Relationship & Closing Commanding Respect In A Scriptural Way. Commandments of God Communication: Evil Communications Corrupt Good Manners Hearing God’s Word Effectively Keeping Our Communications Healthy Communion: Communion Bread Communion Covenant 2 Communion Service messages: (1) At the Supper Table (2) Wonder of Grace Compassion: Compassion A Devotional Compassion -The Compassionate Christian Compassion - Making a Good Church Member Concerning Spiritual Gifts Conflicts That We May Not Avoid Conscience: Conscience Ebersole Conscience Burkholder Cultivating a Sensitive Conscience Developing a Healthy Conscience Discerning Between Good and Bad Heart Issues Preserving the Conscience Recognizing & Overcoming Over-sensitive Conscience Conservatism: See also Tradition Positive Attitudes About Conservatism Scriptural Conservatism Conviction: Biblical Conviction v Personal Opinion Convictions ,Biblical Conviction Developing Biblical Conviction Having the Mind of Christ Personal Conviction Strengthening Our Convictions for Right Courtship Without Regret Covenant Keeping God Covetousness: Be Content With What You Have Beware of Covetousness Covetousness Which is Idolatry Not Given to Covetousness Cultivating a Love For the Truth Cutting Down the Wrong Trees Creation: See also Evolution Beyond Human Design Creation versus Evolution Influence of Modern Creationism Reaffirming Our Position Against Evolution Three messages on Creation- All Day Meeting 1. Signs, Seasons, Days, Years 2. Kind After His Kind 3. Replenish, Subdue, Have Dominion Cremation: Death - Is Cremation a Christian Option? Other Messages D to G Page 2 H to O Page 3 P to Z Page 4