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General Sermons - H to O
General Sermons - Page 3 H to O Sermons have been placed where possible in categories that mostly describe the message theme although there may be some overlap of subjects in individual messages. Audio quality of these MP3's may vary due to recording qualities in individual churches and are beyond the control of the website operator. The contents of the sermons are the responsibility of individual speakers and may not necessarily reflect all the views or beliefs held by us. General Category Messages Currently Available On-Line.
H. Habits Halloween, Biblical View- James J. Martin Heaven Going Home Heavenly Affection Heavenly Register The Glories of Heaven He is Enough Hell: Doctrine of Hell H B Good Doctrine of Hell Zimmerman Rich Man’s Message from Hell Terrible Fate of the Lost! Hewn Pillars Proverbs 9 The High Calling of God Holiness Holiness Living a Holy Life Holiness of God - Depravity of Man Holiness Unto the Lord Holy Spirit: Emblems of the Holy Spirit Evidence of the Spirit’s Work in Man’s Life Fruit of the Spirit Holy Spirit’s Work for the Believer Law of the Spirit v Law of Sin and Death Led By the Spirit The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit of God The Work of the Holy Spirit Homes: Disciplined Homes Making Straight Paths for Your Feet Making Straight Paths for Our Homes Nurturing Our Children Spiritually Role of Parents Perpetuating the Faith Hope - An Anchor For the Soul Hosanna Humanism: Aftermath of Secular Humanism Peril of Humanistic Philosophy Humility: Be Clothed With Humility Humble Yourselves Before God Humility I. I and the Lad Will Go Yonder Ichabod & Ebenezer Lessons from the Names Idle Words - Matthew 12 Idolatry: Gods of the World Love of the World Modern Day Idols Other Gods The God of Nahor If We Suffer We Shall Also Reign With Him Inability to Receive the Deeper Message Imputation & Justification Isaac & Ishmael Two Covenants I Will Go in the Strength of the Lord J. Jacob-Lessons From the Life of Jacob Jacob-Lessons From Jacob’s Well Jesus Exalting Jesus Christ - Devotional Jesus at the Right Hand of God Jesus Christ, The Cornerstone Jesus Following in His Steps Jesus, The Great Physician - Matthew 9 His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful His Name Shall Be Called Counsellor His Name Shall Be Called Mighty God His Name Shall Be Called Everlasting Father His Name Shall Be Called Prince of Peace Joseph of Arimathaea - A Timid Disciple Joy of the Lord Judgement: Humble Yourselves Judging Without Condemning Judgmentalism K. Keeping An Eternal Perspective Keeping Your Lamps Lit Kingdom of Heaven is Like Leaven L. Leadership Moses Displaying Godly Leadership Lessons From Enoch’s Life Lessons From Habakkuk - Herr Let Us Go On To Perfection Liberty-Christian Liberty Life After Death A Look at the Intermediate State of Man Doctrine of Immortality Love That Hurts Lord's Prayer - 5 Message series Lord's Prayer #1 Lord's Prayer #2 Lord's Prayer #3 Lord's Prayer #4 Lord's Prayer #5
M. Maintaining a Spirit of Gratitude Man A Threefold Being Mary's Hands - Martha's Heart Mephibosheth Ministry of Fire More Than Conquerors Marriage: Cultivating Wholesome Marriage Relationships Dwell With Them According to Knowledge God's View of Marriage/Divorce/Remarriage Harmony of Love and Sacrifice in Marriage Heirs Together of the Grace of Life Husband and Wife Strengthening Each Other Husband Meeting Emotional Needs of His Wife Wife Meeting Emotional Needs of Her Husband What The Bible Really Says About Marriage & Divorce Meekness: Faith-Meekness-Temperance N. New Age: Fruit of the New Age Mentality New Testament Prophets Noah- Lessons From Noah’s Preparation Non-Conformity: Come Out and Be Separate In the World But Not of the World Modern Day Pilgrims and Strangers Non-Conformity - Positive & Negative Our Things - Our Treasures Personal Convictions For Separation Proper Reserve in Society Separated Unto God Separation Spiritual Balance Sheet The Christian's Personal Appearance The Christian and the State The Christian In But Not Of the World They Are Not of This World Unequal Yoke Vanity of Worldly Pleasure You and Your Friends Your Bodies Are God’s Temple! Non-Resistance: A True Conscientious Objector Today Applying the Doctrine of Non-Resistance Defenceless Christians Developing a Non-Resistant Mentality Relationship of Non-conformity &Non-resistance Second Mile Mentality 3 Message Series - Different Speakers 1. Illusion of Pacifism 2. Non-resistance in Thought Life 3. The Very God of Peace Sanctify You Wholly O. Noah Prepared an Ark Obedience Lord What Wilt Thou Have Me Do Obedience Significance of Obedience Obedience Story of the Fall of Jericho Obeying God’s Thou Shalt Not: Devotional Offences Offender Offended One More Night With the Frogs One Thing - A Devotional Openness and Honesty Organ Donation and Related Issues Our Dual Citizenship Our Religion: Fountain or Front? Other Messages A to C Page 1 D to G Page 2 P to Z Page 4