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.                                                                   General Sermons - Page 4                                                                P to Z  Sermons have been placed where possible in categories that mostly describe the message theme although there may be some overlap of subjects in individual messages. Audio quality of these MP3's may vary due to recording qualities in individual churches  and are beyond the control of the website operator.   The contents of the sermons are the responsibility of individual speakers and may not necessarily reflect all the views or beliefs held by us.                                       General Category Messages Currently Available On-Line  
P. The Triumphal Entry-A Palm Sunday Message Paradoxes in the New Testament Parasites in the Church Paying Attention to Little Things Pentecost: Beyond Pentecost Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear Perseverance Pietism: Influence of Individualism and Pietism Prayer: Answered Prayer Essentials For Effective Prayer Life Take Heed - Watch and Pray Prepared Unto Every Good Work Precept Upon Precept Line Upon Line Pride: Dealing with Pride Pride Pride’s Deceptiveness Pride of Thine Heart Recognising the Seeds of Pride Privilege and Responsibility Hearing the Word Procrastination: Beware of Procrastination Promises: Jephthah A Mighty Man of Valour Promises, Pearls and Paving Stones Prosperity of the Wicked - Temptation Propitiation - Satisfaction of God's Justice Protecting Christ's and Our Reputation Prove Your Own Self Proverbs 4 Meditation Psalm 1 Psalm 19 Psalm 100 Meditation Psalm 115 But Our God is in Heaven Psychology: Avoiding Snares of Modern Psychology Purity: Commitment To Purity Guarding Our Emotions-Social Purity Importance of Purity Keep Thyself Pure Moral Purity Price of a Pure Church Purity - Teaching and Practice Seeking Moral Purity Q. Questions About The Saviour R. Rain - God’s Provision for Fruitfulness Rebellion: Dealing With Reactionary Tendencies Disrespect-Fame & Fuel of Rebellion Recognising Spiritual Needs of Wayward Ones Refusing the Opportunity to Return The Rebel Within Us The Voice of Deliberate Disobedience They That Oppose the Truth Repentance: God Commandeth ALL Men to Repent No Place of Repentance Repentance Repentance: 2 Corinthians 7 Ressurection: See also Easter & Good Friday Many Infallible Proofs of the Resurrection Resurrection Seven Appearances of Christ Following His Resurrection Rest Resting in the Old Paths Revival Begins With Thee Devotional Ruth: Study in the Book of Ruth Kinsman Redeemer - 3 Messages Redeeming the Person #1 Preserving a Posterity #2 Buying Back the Possession #3 S. Salvation: An Operation of God Are There Few That Be Saved? Are You Saved? Associations That Affect Salvation Entering the Kingdom Behold the Lamb-Redemption God’s Invitation to Come God’s Plan - Moving From Innocency to Salvation Harvest is Past Summer’s Ended,We’re Not Saved He Brought Me Up Justification and Imputation Our Great Pardon Refusing the Opportunity to Return Salvation Seven Wonders of Salvation Strive to Enter In The Missing Wedding Garment The Philippian Jailer Things That Cannot Produce Salvation Understanding Substitution What Must I Do To Be Saved? What Shall I Do? Salt of the Earth Sanctification - Woe is Me! Satan: How Satan Gets In Your Mind Lies of Satan Satan's Plan for the Church Satanic Trinity 1. Satanic Trinity 2. Satanic Trinity 3. The Evil One Sowing Tares - Devotional Schooling: Relating to Challenges Varied Abilities in Learning Right Attitude To Academic Excellence Self Denial Self Denial T here is a Lad Here Selfishness Snare of a Hezekiah Mentality Self Esteem The False Gospel of Self Esteem #1 Self Esteem Under Microscope of God's Word #2 Self Esteem A Biblical Response #3 Sentimentalism Sermon on the Mount Sceptre of Righteousness Seven Characteristics of the Christian Seven Keys to Good Success Seven Signs and Wonders Seven Vital Signs of Spiritual Life Shout of a Powerless Profession Simplicity of Christ Sincerity & Truth Sin: Bearing Consequences of Our Failure Devotional Being Honest With Ourselves - Sin Besetting Sins - Conceit Besetting Sins - Concupiscence Besetting Sins - Covetousness Law of the Spirit v Law of Sin and Death Proverb of Sour Grapes Sin of Partiality Sin of Unbelief Sour Grapes - Bearing Our Own Guilt Subtlety of Sin The Besetting Sin The Mote and the Beam Three Silent Sins Understanding the Nature of Sin Who is to Blame? Singles - God's Special Servants Sitting at Jesus’ Feet Sobriety in Facing Life Something For Nothing Mentality Songs in the Night So You Say You Are A Christian Sisters: A High Calling - A Christian Housewife A Little Coat - A Mother’s Service A Virtuous Woman Blessings on Thy Queenly Quest Christian Motherhood Evidences of Believing in the Christian Woman’s Veiling Holy Spirit in the Life of Our Sisters Ordinance of the Christian Woman’s Veiling Sisters Finding Fulfilment as Homemakers Speech of a Virtuous Woman Stronger Weaker Vessels The Christian Woman's Veiling The Sisters' Influence in Keeping the Faith The Wife’s Responsibility Woman's Place in the Church
Speech: Potential of the Tongue Sound Speech That Cannot Be Condemned Use of Our Tongue Spiritual Imperatives: Being Spiritually Minded Emotionalism V True Spirituality #1 Blessed Are They That Do #2 Thus Saith The Lord Holy War Spiritual Balance Sheet Spiritual Violence Spiritual Wealth The Snare of Artificial Spirituality Threat of Spiritual Drowsiness To Be Spiritually Minded Standing in the Gap Steps Leading to Peter’s Denial Stewardship Christian Stewardship in an Affluent Age Stimulating a Hunger For Spiritual Things Strong and Stronger Suffering Submitting Our Will to God’s Will Supposition Sweating It Out Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak! T. Talents Taking Care of Our Soul - Devotional Tarrying Before The Lord Temperance - The Balance Between Temperance Temptation to Bypass the Cross Tested by Opportunity Testimony of a Christian Life Thankfulness Thanks Giving - Leftovers Thanksgiving That Is Real Things That Should Characterise Our Testimony That the Generation To Come Might Know That Ye May Be Sincere The Battle With Myself The Burden of Psalm 102:13-14 The Christian's First Question The Cross - Menno Kuhns There is That Maketh Himself Rich But Has Nothing The Fruitless Fig Tree The Kingdom of God The Lamb & The Shepherd The Lord Bless Thee! The Lord of Hosts The Need to Be a Friend The Other Lost Son The Pit of Despair The Sanctuary The Seven Kingdom Parables Matthew 13 The Silver Lining of Adversity The Spiritual Mind Phil. 3 The Supper and its Guests Their Laws Are Diverse From All Things Most Surely Believed Among Us Things Revealed and Things Not Revealed Things That Belong to Our Peace Those Whom Seemed to be Pillars Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Thy Word Is Truth Tradition: see also Conservatism Holding Power of Traditions Understanding Preserving Value of Traditions Trinity: Doctrine of the Trinity The Trinity - Contribution to Our Faith Truth About the Trinity True Fellowship Trust What Confidence Trust You In? Trusting the Lord in Uncertain Times Truth- Beware of Twisting the Truth Trying the Strange Doctrines of Our Times. Turning Back From the Battle Two Important Looks Two Seas - Two Lives U. Understanding Firmness With Meekness Understanding God’s Wrath - Romans 1 V. Veiling: see Sisters Valley of Achor For a Door of Hope Victory: Bringing Into Captivity Every Thought Continuing On Coping With Contrary Winds Devotional Life That Leads to Victory Finding Rest in the Christian Experience Give Me This Mountain God’s Truth & Relationships Labouring for Rest Living in Victory Obedience and Victory Overcoming Satan’s Power Philippians 1:6 Victory Through Christ Place of Our Will - Victorious Christian Living The Risen Life Three Great Questions Total Victory Turning Back in the Day of Battle Victory in the Christian Life Victory Over the Self Life What Doest Thou Here? Ye Have Need of Patience Virtue: Growing in Virtue Vision of the Eternal W. Wanting to Meet Jesus - Devotional. We Would See Jesus What Does the Lord Require of Us? What is Wrong With..."What's Wrong With It? What Shall a Man Give What is Man? Psalm 8:4 What Will Be Your Last Words? What Will You Do With Your One Talent? When the Headlights Shine in Your Face When "The Way"Seems Too Narrow Where Are You Headed? Where Art Thou? Where Hast Thou Gleaned? Which of Them Loved Him Most? Who is a God Like Unto Thee? Who Is Jesus? Why Thorns Remain Will a Man Rob God? Will Your Covers Reach? Wisdom: Hearing Wisdom - A Devotional Wisdom Wisdom is the Principal Thing Withstanding Temptation Woe to You Hypocrites! Worship: Approaching God Acceptably Collective Family Worship Place of Emotions in Worship Praising God to the Next Generation Will Worship Worship God Worth of A Soul Y. Ye Cannot Serve God and Mammon Ye Shall Be Witnesses Unto Me In Jerusalem Your Bodies Are God’s Temple! Youth Vanity of Youth & Others Other Messages A to C Page 1 D to G Page 2 H to O Page 3