18 February 2018 The Secret of Progress The whole secret of progress is the doing of things we know. There is no other way of progress in the spiritual life;  only as we do can we know. Is there anything you will not leave for Christ? You cannot know him – and yet He is the Truth, the one thing alone  that can be known! Do you not care to be imperfect? Would you rather keep this or that, with imperfection, then part with it to be  perfect? You cannot know Christ, for the very principle of his life was the simple absolute relation of realities; His  one idea was to be a perfect child to his Father. He who will not part with all for Christ is not worthy of him and cannot know him; how could He receive to his  house a man who prefers something or someone more than his Father; a man who will strike a bargain with God,  and say, “I will give up so much if thou wilt spare me!”  That man will have to be left to himself. He must find what it is to be without God!  To let their light shine not to force on them their interpretation of God’s design is the duty of Christians towards  their fellows. If those who set themselves to explain their theories of Christianity had set themselves instead to do  the will of the Master how different would now be the condition of the world with which they came into contact! In how many a heart with the name of the Lord beloved where now it remains unknown! Let us always strive to do the will of the Master and thus be an example not only to our brothers and sisters in  Christ but to our neighbours.  Edited from “The Unspoken Sermons” by George Macdonald.
Conservative Australian Anabaptist Mennonites
Weekly Truth
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